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Click on the download button above or click Download Adult App Mart to download AdultAppMart on your device.

The download will start and you can see progress by swiping down with your finger at the top.

Allow Non-Market Apps

Make sure you have allowed the installation of non-Android apps by going to Settings> Applications> Unknown Sources in your phone menu.


Once the download completed, install the application.


Open the app and create an account.


Q: I have an iPhone/BlackBerry/Non-Android device, will Adult App Mart apps work on it?
A: No, Adult App Mart is available only on Android devices at this time. It's possible that in the near future we'll start developing Adult App Mart for other mobile devices.

Q: How do I know my device is compatible?
A: Adult App Mart supports any Android mobile device as long as it has Android OS 1.6 or newer installed. In order to see which version of Android you've got installed on your mobile device go to Menu -> Settings -> About phone.

Q: How do I register/login to AdultAppMart?
Once you download the Adult App Mart Application and run it from your Android phone, the first screen that appears is the login/account creation page. Also an account can be created on our site on the Signup page, whether you want to create a regular user or a developer account.

Q: Can I download apps from AdultAppMart.com?
A: No, you can only download apps from the Adult App Mart Application on your Android device. 

Q: How do I download apps?
How to download apps android carries:

In order to download a porn app, either free or paid, you need to create an account with AdultAppMart.

After you login, you will also be able to leave a rating or review.

To download a sex app browse the market for apps by category or search for the app you wish to download, open the app description and hit the Download button.

Q: I don't see the "Download AAM" button, what should I do?
A: When you go to www.adultappmart.com from your Android device, you should see the Download AdultAppMart button, which will allow you to download and install the porn app on your mobile.